Ravioli Dinner Disaster – Sketchy Saturday

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For the longest time Athena begged her parents to take their family to this famous Italian restaurant that made handmade ravioli. Weeks before she had gone with her boyfriend and his family – who can say no to a ravioli dinner – and she had loved it, the food was so good – a great pasta restaurant!

So, when her parents finally caved and said yes, we’ll go to dinner tonight to that restaurant, Athena was ecstatic. She piled into the car with her mom and dad, her sister, and her grandma, and it was a fairly long drive – long to a sketchy degree and everyone’s nerves were wearing thin. But, she kept everyone positive by reminding them of how good the homemade ravioli dinner was going to be.

They finally get to the place and they’re put at a not-so-great table, right by the bathrooms. Then this rude waiter comes over and just kind of throws the menus at them. But Athena was still excited about the food and dinner and assured her family that everything would be great. She kept hyping up the handmade ravioli and knew exactly which ones she wanted.

They order, and wait, and wait, and wait, until a full hour has passed. Athena was okay with it because she was just looking forward to eating dinner, her sister was cool because she had her headphones on and was listening to music, her grandma was sort of nodding off, so it was only her parents who were getting a little anxious and stressed out and uptight.

Finally the food comes, and, well, actually – it’s not quite as good as she remembered – but she ignores it and keeps chewing, when suddenly she felt something in her mouth, something hard, not ravioli or pasta, but plastic! A piece of plastic was inside her ravioli! The mean waiter offered a new plate, but she figured it was just that one piece of pasta, so she took another bite, and of course, more plastic… At this point she was kind of freaking out and had totally lost her appetite.

But the waiter insisted that the chef make her a new plate of pasta – and she allowed it – and when he brought it out, she took a bite, and got a mouthful of lard, animal fat?!?! In her ravioli?!?! Swallowing it almost required the heimlich maneuver. That was it, too much, and she felt totally sick and called it a night.

Her one shot at the perfect dinner turned out to be a ravioli dinner disaster, a kitchen nightmare! If only Gordon Ramsay had been there!


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