Prawns Ravioli With Tomato Chutney and Prawns Sauce.

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Ravioli is italian pasta dumpling dish. I did’t go to Italy. I just learn from website. Ravioli is seem amazing pasta, it can serve as main course or appetizer. And preparation and cooking time is really take for 2 hours. It fun make your own pasta from scrap and cook whole prawn of flavor. Hope this recipes can impress your friends and family.

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2 Serving for main course
6 Serving for appetizer

Pasta dough

Ingredient :

1Cup Top flour Singapore
Pinch Salt
1 Egg yolks
2 Whole eggs
1Tablespoon Olive oil

Prawns filling


113g Salmon
1 Egg white
340g Prawns
Taste Salt and Black pepper
1/2Tablespoon Sweet basil leaves
2 Slice Lemon zest and juice

Stock and sauce

Ingredient :
12 Prawn Shells
2Tablespoon Olive oil
1 Carrot
1 Brown Onion
1Stalk Celery
1Clove Garlic
1Stick Lemon grass
1Teaspoon Tomato paste
1Tablespoon White wine
2Cups Brown chicken stock
4Cups Water
1Tablespoon Whipping cream/Heavy cream
Tomato chutney

Ingredient :
2 Plum tomato
Olive oil
Taste Salt and Black pepper
1/2Tablespoon Sweet basil leaves
Lemon vinaigrette

Ingredient :
1Tablespoon Lemon juice
4Tablespoon Olive oil
Taste Salt

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