Valentine’s Day is just over a month away BUT it’s never too early to start prepping for an amazing dinner right? 😅 My heart shaped ravioli are crispy and golden brown and they have a [More]
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Ravioli Pasta Bake
A simple Creamy Garlic Salmon and Shrimp recipe:
Update classic shrimp scampi by tossing with garden fresh tomatoes, corn and ravioli. Enjoy a restaurant-style dish without the restaurant prices. Read the full post here: Get the pan here:
Have a look how Patrizia Ritrovato is preparing ravioli. She talks about ligurian food, a cuisine which is dominated by fragrances as aromatic herbs grow wild here. Watch more from our playlist “Food Culture”: [More]
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Kellen is 9 months old and loves meat ravioli!
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Me & Lu came across this ravioli when we were in a herb store. Ive been looking for ravioli for a while and we finally came across it on a random ocassion. You all know [More]
RAVIOLI BAKE SEE RECIPE BELOW: EBOOK: Here is a video on how to make a ravioli bake. This is a different way of cooking Ravioli, it is very tasty and delicious. This is [More]
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