Ingles Markets | Julie May | Pumpkin Ravioli

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While my husband and I were in New York, we shared the most amazing Pumpkin Ravioli! That dish has been on my mind ever since… and here is my version.

Homemade pasta is SO simple (and inexpensive) to make, that you are almost in disbelief when you consider the make at-home price compared to the prices in fancy restaurants. In addition, any extra raviolis that you make can be stored in a zip top freezer bag and frozen for later. The fresh pasta is wonderfully tender, and without all the preservatives of dried (store-bought) pasta, it cooks in about 2-3 minutes! So really, you could make these in advance, store them in the freezer for later, pop them in boiling water when you get home, toss with a sauce… and dinner is ready! You can also flavor the pasta dough with just about any herb you can dream up!

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