Cook With Me the BEST Seafood Ravioli In Alfredo Sauce|15minute meal|Miajoy

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Welcome to the New and improved channel Mia🌸Joy! I previously had a channel before and I deleted it after 2 years. This time around I’m looking forward to growing my channel organically with subscribers who enjoy what I have to offer.

I’m a wife and mother always first. I have a strong faith in Christ.
The type of videos I love to do our vlogs about college life, life in general, cooking and cleaning videos.

Things you should know:
•I’m a military spouse
•SAHM mom to an almost 3 year old
•college student
• we are stationed in Virginia
•we are normal but not so normal people
•I also have a blog called and share my life on that platform as well.
•I’m a food and candle lover
•raedunn is my favorite obsession at the moment.
•we have a dog
That’s pretty much it. I hope you subscribe because you want to and like the videos because you enjoy the content.

Thanks again for reading this and being apart of my channel!!!!!


Snapchat: Meme_Oliver
Twitter: LoveMiaJoy

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If you made it this far, I love you!

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